Alfa Romeo 147 | Is it worth its price? Reviews and User Recommendations (Comments)

We will look for answers to the questions of what kind of car to buy the 147, which is Alfa Romeo’s C segment car. We will also include Alfa Romeo 147 user reviews.

What kind of car is Alfa Romeo 147?

After being sold in 2001, it was switched to make-up cases in 2004. A C-segment car, the 147 has Black Line, Collezione, Distinctive and Progression equipment packages. Distinctive is the most fully equipped. This package includes features such as ABS, driver, passenger and side airbag, ESP, ASR, digital air conditioning, cruise control, electric mirrors and windows, fog light.The 147 has 5-speed manual and selespeed under the name of automatic transmission transmission gearbox options. The engine specifications of the 147, where the variator system is used, are as follows;

1.6 Twin Spark Gasoline: There are two different powers, 105 and 120 horsepower. My advice is to buy the 120 horsepower one. It consumes 11.5 liters of fuel in the city and 6.5 liters outside the city and is an LPG-compatible engine.

1.9 JTD Diesel: It is the engine that Fiat used in its vehicles such as doblo at that time. It produces 101 horsepower and 199 Nm of torque. This turbocharged diesel engine consumes 8 liters of fuel in the city and 4.9 liters outside the city.

2.0 T.S : It is a magnificent performance engine with a volume of 2 liters using Twinspark technology. It produces 150 horsepower and 181 Nm of torque. It consumes 12.5 liters of fuel in the city and 7.5 liters outside the city.

Alfa Romeo 147 User Review (Comment)

I will tell you everything I know about the Alfa Romeo 147 that I have been driving for 2 years. Tastes can vary, but to me it was a car with the best hatchback design ever built in the world at the time. The interior is very spacious and comfortable. Quality materials are used in places such as the front chest and door interiors. Especially the dual-color seat and the ten torpedo trims add a sporty image. The performance of the 1.6-liter Twin Spark engine is fantastic. In the city, it can generate enough power to stick you in the seat at intermediate accelerations or something. It has a super trajectory in the high giants. However, the most prominent feature of the 147 in my opinion is its handling. I’ve used it in the Focus before, and I say Focus here because it’s assumed to be the best car to handle. The handling of the 147 is much better. The reason why this handling is so superior is the chassis compatibility with the double wishbone and the multi-link suspension system at the rear wheels. The brakes are very strong and reassuring. Its air conditioning was very successful and cooled the interior of the car as ice, even in the scorching summer heat. The chronic problem of the Alfa Romeo 147 is that it gives variator failure. However, you can get rid of this malfunction by having them maintained.

Should I buy an Alfa Romeo 147?

When you compare it with its competitors Golf, Focus and Astra, you will see that it is much cheaper. In my opinion, this is one of the best c-segment hatchback cars that can be bought for money. You will not have a shortage of spare parts and craftsmen. The second-hand market is a bit weak, but not enough to sell at all.

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