Alfa Romeo 156 | Is it worth its price? Reviews and User Recommendations (Comments)

We will look for answers to the questions of what kind of car to buy the 156 model, which is Alfa Romeo’s D segment car. We will also include Alfa Romeo 156 user reviews.

What kind of car is Alfa Romeo 156?

Alfa Romeo 156’s competitors such as Passat, Mondeo, BMW 3 series are nothing short of missing from cars. I can say that it is better in terms of design. There are Distinctive, Executive and Selespeed hardware packages. F1 gearbox, sunroof, momo design seats, ABS, digital air conditioning, ESP, cruise control, electric seats have many features. The 156 has a choice of gears with an automatic transmission under the name of selespeed. Engine technical specifications are as follows;

1.6 Twin Spark (TS) : The T.Spark engine, which has 16 valves with a volume of 1.6 liters, produces 120 horsepower and 146 Nm of torque. It is the most popular engine option of the 156. Its top speed was measured as 200 km/h per hour. The fuel consumption is 1.5 liters in the city and 6.5 liters outside the city. It is an LPG compatible engine.

1.9 JTD : A large number of sold diesel engine options. This turbocharged engine produces 115 horsepower and 275 Nm of torque. It consumes 8 liters of fuel in the city and 5 liters outside the city.

2.0 Twin Spark (TS) : If you are going to buy a 156, I recommend choosing the one with this engine. It is a really very performance engine. This engine, which produces 150 horsepower, consumes 13 liters of fuel in the city and 7 liters outside the city.

Alfa Romeo 156 User Review (Comment)

I have always had a great interest in D-segment cars. As a result of my long research, I bought an Alfa Romeo 156 in order to buy the most equipped and beautifully designed car I could buy because I was short of money. I have been driving it from 2 years to this time and I am very satisfied with my car. You can have a car that has no shortage of the same model Volkswagen Passat for half the money. The interior is very large and a quality material is used. I have a 2.0 engine because I want high performance. Whether in the intermediate accelerations in the city or in the departures on steep slopes, the acceleration is very great. When I’m loaded on the gas, he glues me to the seat. For 156, variator failure is said to be a chronic problem but mine didn’t cause any problems at all. We are very comfortable on the long road. It provides a comfortable journey. You can see the handling better than the same model Passat. The highway presses firmly on the road even when I accelerate to 200 km.

Is it possible to buy an Alfa Romeo 156?

Yes, I own this car. Are spare parts easy to find in the questions that come to me? Yes, I find it easy and there are very cheap spare parts. The second-hand market is not very fast. But I think that’s an advantage. If there was a model that was kept, how would we buy a car like this at these prices?

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