Alfa Romeo 159 | Is it worth its price? Reviews and User Recommendations (Comments)

We will look for answers to the questions of what kind of car to buy, the 159, the g-segment car of the Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo. We will also include Alfa Romeo 159 user reviews.

What kind of car is Alfa Romeo 159?

The Alfa Romeo 159 is one of the best cars in its class in terms of features, equipment and performance. Sold in the Distinctive and Distinctive Plus equipment packages. The Plus equipment package includes features such as “ABS, ESP, EBD, 10 airbags, bi-directional digital air conditioning, cruise control and limiter, Xenon lens headlights, sunroof and advanced multimedia. Engine technical specifications are as follows;

1.8 MPI Gasoline : This petrol mmotor is fully compatible with LPG. It is not kept much. It produces 140 horsepower and 175 Nm of torque. It consumes 10.5 liters of fuel in the city and 6 liters outside the city. 0-100 hz-monitoring measured as 9.7 seconds.

1.9 JTS : Super performance turbocharged gasoline engine. It produces 160 horsepower and 190 Nm of torque. An Alfa Romeo 159 with this 4-cylinder engine consumes 12.5 liters of fuel in the city and 6.6 liters outside the city. It is not a very compatible engine with LPG.

1.9 JTD Diesel : It is the most popular engine option of the 159. It produces 150 horsepower and 320 Nm of torque. It is a really very performance engine. It makes that huge size of 159 come to life. The fuel consumption is 8.2 liters in the city and 5 liters outside the city. If you are going to buy a 159, I recommend you to buy the one with this engine.

The Alfa Romeo 159 has another 2.4 JTD 250 hp engine. However, it has been sold in very few numbers in our country. As a transmission, Q-Tronic is available with a 6-speed automatic and a 6-speed manual transmission.

Alfa Romeo 159 User Review (Comment)

I have used this car, which my father has been for 3 years, many times. Spend a day with the Alfa Romeo 159 and then get into another car to make sure you are not enjoying it. On the way, people turn around and look again. It looks like a premium car. The quality of the material used in it is also very nice. A leather coating is used on the front chest. The seats are also leather and quality leather. The performance of the 1.9 diesel engine is very beautiful. When I press the gas, it sticks to the seat. It cannot be said that it is very economical as a fuel, but I think it is worth the performance it gives. In the automatic transmission, gear shifts are smooth and quiet. When I go the long way, I take my father’s 159. Because it’s really a car like an airplane. It doesn’t let in the road, engine and wind noise. Soundproofing is a very successful car. Handling is one of the best cars I’ve ever seen. He takes corners very well. You know, there’s a phrase like this bony car, or you feel it in 159. When I sit in it, I feel like I’m driving a tank.

Should I buy an Alfa Romeo 159?

Look at the price of a Passat of the same model before you buy this car, then look at the price of the 159. Although the 159 is superior to the Passat in all respects, it is 50 percent cheaper than it. The reason for this is that it is a model that is not kept in Turkey. But the fact that it is not kept is an advantage in my opinion. Because you have a very high quality car with little money. There is absolutely no problem of spare parts. If you live in small places, it already arrives in a day with cargo. In places like Ankara and Istanbul, you can easily find every part of it. Parts prices are as expensive as any D-segment car. A cleanly used one can be taken and ridden nicely.

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