Aston Martin DB7 Review, Is it worth its price? Reviews and User Recommendations (Comments)

British supercar manufacturer Aston Martin’s DB7 model will look for answers to the questions of what kind of car to buy. We will also include the Aston Martin DB7 review and user review.

Aston Martin is a brand that produces sports cars. It is the first model in the DB series in DB7. It has a very nice design. It started to be produced in 1994 and was made up in 1999. In 2004, it was discontinued and replaced by the DB9 model.

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What kind of car is the Aston Martin DB7

In the class of supercars, the DB7 is a beautiful car with real performance. By design, it is ahead of its time. The front chest, centre console, door interiors and seat upholstery are fitted with hand-held leather trim. The wooden trim on the center console provides a great image. The best of everything was used to really produce it. When the Aston Martin DB7 was first produced in 1994, the V6 used a 3.2-liter 360-horsepower engine. Also in these engines was included in the 5-speed automatic transmission. In 2002, GTA 5.9 V12 (426 hp) and 5.9 i V12 48V (440 hp) engine options were added. In addition, the automatic transmission has become 6 speeds.

Aston Martin DB7 User Review

I had the opportunity to drive an Aston Martin DB7 Coupe through a friend. When I first saw it, I thought how could a car be so beautiful? When I sat in it, I was greeted by a super design. The best quality and best of everything used was used. When I pressed the starter to walk around the city for a bit, the V12 engine sounded great. While walking through the streets of Ankara, he turned around and looked again. I went out on the Northern Periphery highway to try out the DB7 and the 12 cylinder engine. When I was loaded onto the gas, it accelerates to 200 km/h in seconds. If I pressed a little more, it seemed that he would knock over the 300 comfortably, but I thought there was no need for more because it was a safe car.

Should I buy an Aston Martin DB7

The DB7 is a really special and beautiful car. When you look at the prices, I think that the money is not much at all. It has an amazing quality and engine performance. So if I could afford to give that much money to a sports car, the Aston Martin DB7 would be on my list.

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