Why Does the Rear Window Resistance (Heater) Not Work, How to Repair It

In cold weather in winter, thin heater wires pass through the glass to defrost the rear window. In this way, when the rear windows are frozen, the resistance is defrosted when you open it, making it look more comfortable from the back. The rear window resistance activates shortly after you press the activate button and melts the ice on the glass. However, in some faults, the resistance does not dissolve the ice on the glass. Or it defrosts only part of the glass. Resistance is usually not something that fails. The most common cause of its deterioration is the rupture of the cable coming to the resistance.

How to Repair Rear Window Resistance Failure

First, find the cables located on the edges of the glass and check for no breaks. If the cables are intact, then take a control pen. Then press the resistance button. Check if the cables are receiving electricity. If the electricity comes in but the resistance does not heat up, all you need to do is to replace the glass. Because for some reason, the copper wires in the glass have lost their conductivity and do not heat it. Since it is not possible to repair these wires, the glass is completely changed. The rear window prices of an average car range from $ 150 to $ 300.

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