Why is the Glass Water Wiper Nozzle Clogged and How to Open It

Especially in winter and rainy weather, the windows of our vehicle are constantly dirty and obstruct the view. For this reason, wiper blade water in cars plays a vital role in cleaning the windows. What about why the glass water nozzle is clogged. How to open the sprinkler when it is clogged?

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Whether it’s snowing or raining when the roads get wet, the water coming out of the wheels of the vehicles in front comes into your window. This water becomes polluted with the dust on the ground or as a result, the window of your vehicle becomes mud. To prevent this situation, car manufacturers have made windshield wipers and two nozzles that spray water on the glass. When you pull the lever to the right of the steering wheel, water gushes out into the window. So you clean your windows?

Why Does the Glass Water Nozzle Clog

Since the weather is cold in winter, glass water with antifreeze is used. Because if normal water is used, the water in the glass water container will freeze and not gush. But drivers fill the mains water we know in the summer. However, the mains water in our country is excessively calcareous. The lime contained in the water accumulates at the end of the glass water container, glass water hoses and wiper nozzle and causes it to clog over time.

How to Open Clogged Glass Water Nozzle

First, make sure the windshield water motor is running. After turning on your car’s battery, you should hear the sound of the engine when you pull the lever to squirt glass water.

The glass water nozzle is usually clogged right at the end. For this, first get a syringe from the smallest. Fill the syringe with “porch” and insert the tip of the needle into the nozzles, injecting the descaler into it. Repeat this process at least 4 times for each sprinkler. Check if the glass water comes out.

If there is still no water, there is a blockage in the hoses. as a second way, air pressure the glass water nozzles with air guns in the gas stations. It will open the pressurized clogged hoses.

If there is still no water, you will need to replace the hoses and nozzles. These parts are not very expensive anyway.

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