Audi 100 Series Review, Is it worth its price – Reviews and User Recommendations (Comments)

We will look for answers to the questions of what kind of car is Audi’s 100 series, which is a luxury car in the E segment in the 80s and early 90s. We will also include an Audi 100 series review, test drive and user comment.

Audi, the German brand, was not as well known in our country in the 80s and 90s as it is now. However, at that time, it produced cars of better quality than it does now. The 100 series was what the Audi A8 is today. It was really a car like a ship. It was sold between 1982 and 1994.

What kind of car is the Audi 100 Series

This car, which is in the luxury class, was used as an office car by many managers in our country at the time. It has a really advanced engine technology and equipment for its time. For example, the 94 Audi 100 that I own has many features such as “ABS, air conditioning, power steering, cruise control, wood-veneer chest, rear seat ventilation grille and rear cigarette lighter entry, electric four windows and mirrors”. Under its hood there is an engine with a volume of 2.0 liters that produces 115 horsepower and 160 Nm of torque. It consumes 13 liters of fuel in the city and 6.5 liters outside the city. It is an LPG compatible engine. However, if you are going to buy a 100 series, I recommend you to buy a 2.3-liter 5-cylinder one. There are also 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmission options as transmissions.

Audi 100 Series User Review

While I had enough money to buy Tofaş, I bought a 1994 model Audi 100 because I was curious about German cars and used it for 1 year. First of all, let me talk about the good aspects. The interior is spacious like a hall. In their rear seats, 3 adults can comfortably travel. The width of the front side is also very beautiful. The rear legroom is very long and never even a tall person will have their knees stuck behind the seat. A leather-like coating is used in places such as the front chest and door interiors. In addition, wooden strip cladding passes through the middle of the torpedo. Don’t expect so much engine performance. Since its case is heavy, it cannot accelerate immediately when going uphill when pressing the gas. Not a very agile car in the city. Other than that, there’s nothing bad about it. Even today, it is very difficult to find anything better than him in terms of comfort. It never lets in engine and road noise. It offers a wonderful comfortable journey on the long road. Its brakes are very strong and give you confidence. There is no brake system that skids so easily. The handling is far superior, and he can enter corners at high speeds, which even today most cars cannot.

Should you buy an Audi 100

Yes, I have always mentioned the good aspects above. But the reason why this car is so cheap is that its spare parts are very expensive. In addition, spare parts are very difficult to find. Many times I had to go to scrap dealers. Since the electrical components are now obsolete, it constantly gives a malfunction. Masters in industry do not want to look at this car. The second-hand market is very weak. When I put it up for sale, I barely paid the price of it was dead. Considering all this, if you are going to buy an Audi 100, make sure to buy a clean used one. Either it doesn’t give you much headache and your money goes away.

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