P0005 Fuel Shutoff Valve “A” Control Circuit/Open Fault Code

Although the open fault code of the P0005 fuel shut-off valve “A” control circuit generally indicates the same problem in all makes and models, it may indicate a different fault in some vehicle types. For this reason, if your vehicle has an error code P0005, be sure to refer to your vehicle’s service manual.

When you take your foot off the gas while driving with your vehicle, the cut-off system is activated. The purpose of this system is to provide the power required for the engine to start, especially when going downhill, from the weight of the vehicle itself. At this time, the fuel sent to the engine is completely cut off and the car proceeds with zero fuel consumption. Whenever you press the accelerator pedal, fuel starts to be sent again and this situation continues continuously.

What Does P005 Error Code Mean : If we ask what is the meaning of P005 fault code. There is a fuel cutting solenoid that provides the situation we have described above. If the engine control unit (ECU) detects a fault in the fuel pump fuel cut-off solenoid, it will issue the P005 Fuel Shutoff Valve “A” Control Circuit/Open error code.

P0005 Fault Code Symptoms

  • The engine of the car does not start at all
  • Engine malfunction light is on
  • Engine stuttering

P0005 Fault Code Causes

  • The fuel pump may be faulty
  • The fuel pump solenoid may be faulty
  • There may be a blockage in the fuel line
  • The engine control unit (ECU) may be defective
  • A short circuit, rupture or opening in the fuel shut-off solenoid cables.

P0005 Fault Code Repair, Repair and Solution Steps

When you connect your vehicle to the computer after the engine malfunction light is lit, first look at which OBD-2 codes it gives next to the P0005 error code. If there is another code, you should first look at its solution. Then make sure that the fuel filter and pump are working correctly. If there is a leak in the fuel line and you smell gasoline in the car, be sure to find the source of the problem. If all this is okay, visually inspect the solenoid cables. If there is something in the cables that will cause a peeling, breakage, opening or short circuit, be sure to replace the electrical wiring. If you have done all these things and the problem does not improve, you will need to replace the fuel cutting solenoid.

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