P074A Unable to engage Gear 2 Fault Code

P074A Does Not Go into Second Gear Fault Code mean. Although error code P074A is a general fault, it may indicate a different problem with some makes and models. For this reason, if your vehicle has an error code P074a, we recommend that you look at your vehicle’s service manual. The P074A code means an OBD-2 fault code related to the vehicle not entering second gear.

When driving our car, a large number of electrical equipment works together. All of this equipment informs the ECU, the vehicle’s computer. If your vehicle has an automatic transmission, it has a transmission control system (TCS). TCS is a computer in the brain position that controls the transmission. Inside the automatic transmission there are many sensors and equipment to keep the driver in the correct gear according to the driving dynamics. The main task of the TCS is to adjust the gear shifts according to the speed of the vehicle and the way the driver uses it.

When you receive fault code P074A, it probably means that your vehicle is not in second gear. If your vehicle does not enter 2nd gear, be sure to stay away from driving.

P074A Fault Code Meaning : If the engine control unit (ECU) detects that the automatic transmission is not entering 2nd gear, it will give the error code P074A Unable to engage Gear 2.

P074A Fault Code Symptoms

  • Abnormality in car acceleration
  • Decrease in engine power
  • The transmission does not switch to 2nd gear
  • Noises coming from the transmission
  • Transmission oil leaks
  • Strange noises coming from the engine

P074A Fault Code Causes

  • Clogging in the transmission hydraulic oil line
  • Reduction of transmission fluid level
  • Transmission fluid is worn out
  • Gear shift solenoid malfunction
  • Transmission control module failure
  • A malfunction in TCM wiring

P074A Fault Code Repair, Repair and Solution

If you are receiving error code P074A, first check the transmission fluid. In addition, the transmission oil, which is not changed for too long, loses its lubricating properties. For this reason, make sure that the transmission fluid is not old and dirty. Then check your car for a transmission oil leak. The color of the transmission fluid is red. If you see a red oil under the car, transmission oil may be leaking. After completing the control procedures, let’s examine the TCM (transmission control module), which is the transmission brain. You should look for a corrosion on it, breakage or opening in its cables. If there is no problem here, the transmission gears need to be checked. As a result, the transmission will need to be disassembled and thoroughly repaired.

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