Why Car Heater Does Not Heat | Causes and Repair of Heating Failure

In these winter months that we are in, perhaps the last thing drivers want to be is that the heating of their cars does not heat. But why does the heating of the car not heat up even though it is turned on hot. We will look for the answers to these questions why the heater does not blow hot.

First, let’s take a look at how the heating system works in cars. From the moment you start your vehicle’s engine, a combustion occurs in the engine. When the temperature inside the engine reaches between 90 and 110 degrees, the thermostat is turned on and the water is sent to the radiator to be cooled. The resulting temperature as a result of this combustion is absorbed by the radiator water (antifreeze) and sent to the radiator, cooled and sent back to the engine. The heated radiator water also passes through the heating comb under the front chest and this temperature also warms the interior of the car. There are two reasons why the heating in your car does not heat.

Reasons Why the Heater Does Not Blow Hot

1-) Keeping the Thermostat On

If the thermostat of your vehicle remains on, the engine cannot reach the desired temperature because the water is constantly cooled. This causes the heating not to heat up. If the temperature drops while driving in your vehicle, if it blows hot at idle or when it is going slowly, the thermostat is responsible. Because the wind that hits the radiator while the vehicle is traveling cools the water, the water will heat up more easily when stopping.

Note : If you have a summer thermostat in your car, it will not heat up too much because it will turn on early. This causes the heating not to heat. If your car blows warm instead of hot, it could be a summer thermostat.

2-) Blockage of Heating Honeycomb

Drivers use tap water in the radiator in the summer. This is a big mistake. Because there is lime in the mains water we know and it causes the heating comb to be clogged over time. As a result, the heating system of your vehicle does not heat up because hot water cannot reach the honeycomb.

How to Repair the Heater If It Does Not Heat

If the problem is caused by the thermostat, you can eliminate the problem by changing your car’s thermostat. Although it varies by brand and model, the thermostat is sold for between $47 and $70. Your master will replace the thermostat for a labor fee of between $18 and $47.

If the problem is caused by the fact that the heating comb is clogged, there are two solutions. The first solution is to remove the front chest of your vehicle and remove the heating comb and clean it. This is expensive because they only charge $70 in labor fees to dismantle the torpedo. The second way is to clean the torpedo with the help of a machine without removing it with the development of technology. Personally, last week I had my car’s heating comb connected to the machine cleaned and I paid $18.

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